Pets age faster than humans, so a yearly exam is critical to maintaining optimal health. In order to help clients provide their pets with optimal care without breaking their budget, we are proud to introduce the “Free Vaccination for Life Program”.

For a one-time enrollment fee and a commitment to bring your pet in once every 12 months for a comprehensive wellness exam, we will give all needed core vaccines for no additional charge (puppies and kittens must come in within 7 days of their booster examination due date).

That’s right, free. No hidden costs, no gimmicks, and free vaccines for the life of your pet. Just in case you are wondering… these are the same vaccines we give to all patients whether they are enrolled in the program or not. They are not lower grade, cheaper or anything less than the exact same high quality vaccines we have always used.

Your pet receives all its core and recommended vaccines FOR FREE. No monthly fees, no bills. Just stay on time, come in at least once a year for a doctor exam, and your pet will continue to enjoy the protection of all of the appropriately recommended vaccines for life - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Vaccines that are FREE with a paid exam as part of this program: