River Rapids is a water slide at AquaPark Costa Teguise in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, Spain. It is arguably the best and largest slide at AquaPark.

Ride ExperienceEdit

After collecting a dingy and walking to the top, the rider climbs on the dingy. A slight drop follows that is several meters long. The rider then splashes into the 180 deg left turn. The water at this section is over 2 feet deep. After leaving the corner, the slide gets shallow and a long straight follows. After this, some slight turns spin you about and then the slide deepens again. Often you will have to paddle here as dingy s can get stuck. The water gets shallow again. The section that follows is alot faster than before, and riders can reach over to the path beside. After this, the water deepens for the last time and a 180 deg right turn follows. A steep drop into the splash pool finishes the ride.


  • There is no lifeguard at the top of this slide, so riders are trusted to get on safely.
  • Often, riders may have to push their dingy s through the deep sections, as they often stall.