8 Slides is a multi-lane water slide located at AquaPark Costa Teguise in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, Spain. Riders can race against each other.


The slide is located to the right of the Kamikaze (left when standing at the bottom) and lies on a hill.

Colour SchemeEdit

On the website, this slide appears to be coloured blue and yellow. At some point, it was reprinted in a colourful patern. Weirdly however, only 7 lanes were painted, with the far-right (left when looking at it from the bottom) being left in it's original color. This lane is not operated anymore.


  • The best riding position is lying down with heels and shoulders touching the slide. You are likely to stall at the bottom if you don't use this position.
  • The ride is similar to the Soft Slides, except the 8 Slides is slightly smaller and is not padded.